3 Ideas from The Hospital Marketing & Consumer Engagement Summit

by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer - 04/12/17


Several of the leading minds in healthcare marketing recently converged in Nashville for the second-annual Hospital Marketing and Consumer Engagement Summit. Here are a trio of ideas that top marketers are talking about.

For market leaders like Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, and Texas Health Resources, competing in today’s healthcare environment demands more than data analytics and digital acumen. Those are becoming table stakes for modern marketers, while the ability to engage with your audience in a meaningful way will always be the hallmark of successful organizations.

That was the common thread during the conference, as reflected in these three areas where top healthcare brands are differentiating themselves.

You can’t compromise on content.

“As we’re trying to be compliant with population health programs, we’re going to need a lot more content to be successful … 80% of healthcare journeys start with search and on average, patients and caregivers search 19 times for hospitals or treatment before converting. Where is our content when they’re searching?”
Cleveland Clinic Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Paul Matsen

“No matter the social media platform, the content is the most important factor.”
Mayo Clinic Director of Social Media Network Lee Aase

It’s time to reimagine how we market—and measure.

“All of the changes we’re experiencing are overwhelming. The transformation of healthcare is going to require a much deeper understanding of consumers, and this transformation has to be driven by marketing.”
— Paul 

“When it comes to measurement, we have to start evaluating success through more than single lenses.”
Texas Health Senior Vice President of Brand Experience Paul Szablowski

Speak the language of your audience.

“Clinicians are scientists, so by showing them the data you can get buy in to leverage consumer insights to effect change.”
— Beaumont Director of Market Research and Consumer Insights Lawrence Wu

“As healthcare marketers, our biggest challenge is speaking the language of those we’re serving. It’s not ‘dumbing it down’—rather, it’s speaking as concisely as possible, which can be really hard when you’re so familiar with the subject matter. For example, I would never say the phrase ‘population health’ to a patient.”
MissionPoint Health Partners VP of Marketing and Communications Nicole Provonchee

At Cleveland Clinic, we don’t call them discharge summaries—we have Good to Go Plans.”
— Paul 

“We have to move from the language of compliance to collaboration.”
— Paul 

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