Amplify Your Strategy & Multiply Your Staff

by Erin Mooney, Account Manager - 05/04/15

How nice would it be to have someone on your team you can call to strategize your marketing efforts for the year, integrate strategies, manage projects and products, deliver results, and report ROI in a timely manner and on budget? Its possible with the right marketing partner.


Here are some of the many benefits of working with a marketing partner, plus tips on making the most of the relationship:  

Enhance your capabilities. Your dedicated account team can complement your strengths through strategy, analytics, and creative experts who can offer fresh insights and ideas that enhance your planning, precision, and performance. 

Save time, money, and stress. Working with a marketing partner allows you to share the workload, giving you the ability to more efficiently allocate time, skillsets, and resources. To ensure consistency and predictability, your partner works on your projects even when your internal team experiences staffing transition, is away from the office, or has other tasks to accomplish. 

Think proactively—and big picture. The right marketing partner will keep you up-to-speed on trends in your field. By working on a variety of accounts, your dedicated team can share best practices based on research and experience. 

Extend your department. One of the best things you can do for yourself is treat your marketing partner like part of your internal team. Start by sharing your marketing plan and priorities and discussing yearly goals together. 

Make your life easier. The right marketing partner will understand that you have an overflowing plate. Their job is to work on your behalf and cover the bases you may not have time to think about by providing you with updates, helping you manage the budget, avoiding or mitigating challenges, and meeting deadlines.

One of the benefits of working with True North is having access to your own dedicated account team, who will listen to your needs and offer strategic recommendations. Contact us today and find out how we can free you up to focus on the big picture!

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