10 Must-Read Marketing Lists from 2013

by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer - 12/13/13

'Tis the season for making lists (and checking them a time or two), so we've rounded up the best "how to" content from last year to make 2014 the most memorable — and productive — of your marketing career.


Successful marketers are always learning. To help sharpen your skills and secure that position (and promotion) you've been pursuing, here are the most salient pieces of advice to advance your career in 2014.

4 Tips to Market Physician Practices (Ragan)

Our favorite: Engage Your Employees in Your Marketing Efforts

"Marketing is no longer just a message, tag line or advertisement created by the marketing department; it is every single interaction that a patient has with the practice beginning with the very first phone call (if not before)."

5 Ways to Boost Your Marketing Accountability and Credibility (Eloqua)

Our favorite: Launch Initiatives Quickly

"Marketing is an outward facing function. If people don’t see your marketing team actually producing deliverables, there likely will be questions about the credibility and accountability of your marketing efforts."

5 Tips for Marketers in 2014 (Forbes)

Our favorite: Learn Google Analytics

"Perhaps this is too unorthodox for a CMO, but every CMO with a strong online presence should be fluent in how to analyze, understand and evaluate at a high level their online traffic."

6 Tips for Creating an Analytics-Driven Marketing Culture (MarketingProfs)

Our favorite: Cement Partnerships

"Working together, IT and Marketing have a lot of influence. Creating an analytical culture within marketing is dependent on IT infrastructure and expertise. IT needs marketing to advocate for the value that IT provides. Together, there is power."

6 Steps to Creating a Pivot Table (Hubspot)

Our favorite: We love them all!

6 Tips When Using Search Marketing in Health Care (Ragan)

Our favorite: Provide a Call-to-Action

"In early stages of your online campaigns, you can offer simple to implement solutions like prominently placing your physician referral call center number on the landing page, or a direct link to the physicians who specialize in the service line you are promoting."

8 Proven Ways to Improve Your Writing (Fast Company)

Our favorite: Make It Surprising

"Presenting something unexpected — breaking a pattern — will help you to capture attention, according to their research."

9 Email Marketing Musts (Direct Marketing News)

Our favorite: Email Does Not Come First

"Emails typically don't provide enough value to stand alone; hence, marketers need to 'do their homework' and create other forms of content — including eBooks, blogs, and videos — to bulk them up."

15 Ways to be a Great Marketer (MarketingProfs)

Our favorite: Become the Expert — and Move On

"Don't get too comfortable being the resident expert. It is fun being the "go to" person, but not at the risk of stagnating. The great marketers have a deep understanding of all the spokes."

43 Marketing Tips from Leading Experts (Target Marketing)

Our favorite: CRM Tips

"Before signing off on any marketing [program], put yourself inside your prospective customer's head. Think how he thinks. Feel what she feels. Become your own customer! As your customer, you'll know exactly how you want to be treated every step of the way and can set up your systems accordingly."

And as a bonus gift to help make next year your best yet, here are 6 Secrets of Super-Productive To-Do Lists complements of Fast Company.

On behalf of everyone here at True North, we wish you the happiest of holidays — and here's to a career year in 2014.

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