Top Ways to Track Campaign Spend and Illustrate ROI

by Katy Mena-Berkley, Copywriter - 04/03/17


When it comes to healthcare marketing, illustrating a successful return on investment is critical. Now more than ever, the medical marketplace has a laser focus on communicating the value of services and strong networks of loyal patients. 

Marketing departments can achieve this goal by utilizing a variety of tools, including direct mail postcards and hospital-branded websites, landing pages, and social media platforms. 

To position key information in front of as many prospective patients as possible, healthcare system and hospital marketing teams may incorporate several of these strategies simultaneously to create one cohesive, effective, and efficient communications plan.

Your Community is Seeking Answers

"Potential patients often turn to the Internet as a solution source for health related concerns. For instance, if dieting is not working for people who want to lose weight, they may look online for local sources to help them understand why," says Patty Montgomery, Account Manager at True North Custom.

Montgomery, who worked for seven years as a marketing manager for a national healthcare system prior to coming to True North, has a unique understanding of the issues and solutions that can help healthcare marketers prove the return on investment of service-line campaigns.

Cut Through the Noise and Be Seen

She points to solutions like paid Google searches and information-based branded service-line campaign websites to help connect local people to your service of interest and your brand.

"What should potential patients see once they land on your campaign's page? Informative, engaging content, targeted surveys, and strong calls to action (CTA's)," Montgomery adds. "If these elements are in place, visitors are more likely to provide you with additional insight into their demographic information, including health concerns and needs, while your site can provide them with important information about their health and serve as a trusted, expert source of information."

"Potential patients may also use call center phone numbers to schedule consultations or appointments, or sign up for an event where they can learn more about their personal health concerns and meet physicians in their community. Once a patient attends a seminar or meets a doctor, that relationship may be solidified," Montgomery says. "These interactions connect patients with physicans, and that is a healthcare marketer's key objective."

Tracking and Attributing Your Campaigns

Tracking the results of these different tailored strategies is critical to help marketing professional and chief executive officers understand the return on investment.

"Marketing directors' attention is pulled in 20 different directions, but tracking ROI should always be at the heart of their work," Montgomery says. "It is critical to show that funds spent on service-line initiatives are being used wisely and converting potential consumers into patients." 

Top Tracking Methods

Healthcare marketers are more frequently relying on advertising platforms like Facebook, Google AdWords, and display network advertising to follow up with website visitors and introduce their brand. However, it is important to make sure these tactics do not exist in a vacuum.

"A well-rounded campaign incorporating online, direct mail, and in-person exchanges is the most effective way to gather helpful information," Montgomery says. "This healthcare market is always changing, so remaining flexible is key."

A holistic approach to creating content, targeting and promoting, and reporting the results is key to getting the big picture and understanding what is most effective.

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