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Christopher Penn on Data Science Basics for Content Marketing

03/05/20 by Christopher Penn, Chief Data Scientist at Trust Insights

Topics: Measurement & Analytics



Healthcare Marketers: Let's Lead the Charge in Value-Based Care

01/16/19 by Josh Garcia, Copywriter

Topics: Digital Marketing, Measurement & Analytics, Paid Media & Advertising

Thought leaders from the American Hospital Association (AHA) and the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) explain how marketers can drive value-based projects within their organizations.


Digital Marketing Basics Every Healthcare Marketer Should Master

01/09/19 by Ashley DuFrene, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Topics: Digital Marketing, Measurement & Analytics, Paid Media & Advertising

Running a successful healthcare digital marketing campaign requires clear goals, careful analysis and an understanding of the tools at your disposal. Use these tips to maximize your next campaign's ROI.


Conversion-Boosting Email A/B Tests to Start Today

07/03/17 by Kayla Anderson, Marketing Manager

Topics: Digital Marketing, Measurement & Analytics

You know that A/B testing your digital marketing tactics is proven to increase conversions and boost your bottom line. However, if the tests don’t match your business goals, you may be wasting your time. 

Here’s a quick guide to make sure you’re getting the most out of your email A/B tests —and some inspiration for the future.


Making the Case for CRM: Q&A with Marketing Executive Laura Shea

05/01/17 by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer

Topics: Measurement & Analytics, Healthcare Industry Insights & Trends

As executive director of community relations and planning at Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center in Ogdensburg, NY, Laura Shea is always working to optimize her marketing efforts. Having recently implemented CRM, here's her advice for leveraging technology to elevate your marketing efforts.


Case Study: Nemours Physician Email Campaign Triples Industry Average

04/27/17 by Trevor Willingham, Copywriter

Topics: Healthcare Case Studies, Content Strategy, Measurement & Analytics

True North Custom used strategic testing and tweaking to make Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Childrens pediatric orthopedic email campaign a resounding success.

Nemours Children's Health System is one of the largest integrated pediatric health systems in the nation. To promote its Orthopedic Center at duPont Hospital for Children, Nemours turned to True North Custom.


Hospital CEOs and Marketing Professionals: Teaming Up to Deliver Powerful Messages

12/28/16 by Katy Mena-Berkley, Copywriter

Topics: Measurement & Analytics, Professional Development

When it comes to healthcare marketing, collaborating with your organization’s top decision-makers is a key strategy for success.


Webinar: How to Measure What Really Matters in Healthcare Marketing

07/08/15 by James Colvin

Topics: Webinar Recordings, Measurement & Analytics

In the latest installment in our webinar series for marketing strategists, True North experts James Colvin and Jason Skinner share best practices on how to identify and measure the most meaningful healthcare marketing metrics.



3 Key Metrics of Digital Marketing

02/06/15 by James Colvin

Topics: Digital Marketing, Measurement & Analytics

With digital marketing more prevalent than ever, measuring its true impact is essential. Let's explore three levels on which you can track performance of digital campaigns.

According to Gartner’s 2014 Digital Marketing Spending Report, digital marketing spending averaged one-quarter of companies’ marketing budgets in 2014, and more than half of the companies surveyed plan to increase their digital spending in 2015 by an average of 17 percent. As digital marketing takes up a larger amount of the marketing budget, measuring the efficacy of those efforts becomes more and more important. Here are three metrics that marketers can use to measure the performance of a digital strategy.


Measuring engagement can primarily be done using Google Analytics by properly setting up Goals within your account. Look at the metrics that confirm if people are reading our content and sharing it with others. Measurements such as pages per session and session duration demonstrate that people are looking at the content being shared—and that theyre spending a good amount of time perusing the subject matter. While its more complex to set up, monitoring downloads of images or other content as well as sharing across social networks is also valuable feedback on whether your online content marketing is resonating with readers.


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