Healthcare Marketers: Let's Lead the Charge in Value-Based Care

01/16/19 by Josh Garcia, Copywriter

Topics: Digital Marketing, Paid Media & Advertising, Measurement & Analytics

Thought leaders from the American Hospital Association (AHA) and the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) explain how marketers can drive value-based projects within their organizations.


Digital Marketing Basics Every Healthcare Marketer Should Master

01/09/19 by Ashley DuFrene, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Topics: Digital Marketing, Paid Media & Advertising, Measurement & Analytics

Running a successful digital marketing campaign requires clear goals, careful analysis and an understanding of the tools at your disposal. Use these tips to maximize your next campaign's ROI.


Social Media: A Key PR Tool

07/31/17 by Hannah Stuart, Copywriter

Topics: Digital Marketing, Paid Media & Advertising

Social media has changed how PR professionals work. Now it’s time to make it work for you.

The main goal of public relations (PR) is to get your latest information in front of an audience. Whether this audience is comprised of members of the press, potential patients, or any other group, you’re always conveying a message that you have the solution to consumers’ problems. Social media lets you put that news directly in front of your reader, and many platforms provide tools to help you do it more easily and effectively.


Facebook Audiences 101

04/19/17 by Kayla Anderson, Marketing Manager

Topics: Digital Marketing, Paid Media & Advertising

Facebook is one of the most targeted and cost-effective digital marketing tools you can use to reach your audience. It is heavily used by healthcare marketers, even though measuring its effectiveness can be challenging.

We've discussed how to create Facebook campaigns for all stages of the buyer's journey to increase conversions. The next step? Segmenting your audience. Here's a quick primer on the types of audiences Facebook has to offer.


How to Build Better, More Effective Facebook Ads

02/06/17 by Hannah Stuart, Copywriter

Topics: Paid Media & Advertising, Digital Marketing

The most effective Facebook ads are highly targeted and guide your audience through the buying process.

Targeted Facebook ads allow you zero in on specific audiences to make the ads more appealing to where they are in the buying process. The low cost, combined with the ability to target based on Facebook demographics and known preferences, means you can create an ad for each segment of your audience for each goal of your campaign.


The Modern Marketing Trifecta: Paid, Earned, and Owned Media

11/15/16 by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer

Topics: Paid Media & Advertising, Content Strategy

When your goals involve patient engagement and acquisition, it takes three to make a thing go right. Make sure you’re considering these media categories when planning your marketing strategy and budget.


4 Reasons You’re Missing Out if You Don’t Use Facebook Ads

10/06/16 by Tiffany Parnell, Senior Copywriter

Topics: Content Strategy, Paid Media & Advertising

Searching for an affordable tool that helps you reach large, targeted audiences? Look no further than Facebook ads.


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