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Blazing a Paper Trail: A Profile of Gail Meeker

11/24/16 by Thomas Crocker, Copywriter

Topics: Team Profiles

True North Custom Print Project Manager Gail Meeker got into printing as a way to gain entrée into the editorial world. She found she liked the operational side of publishing so much that she never left.


Tapping into the Power of Typography With Stephanie Wheeler

11/03/16 by Brittain Whiteside-Galloway, Copywriter

Topics: Team Profiles

Stephanie Wheeler, senior designer at True North Custom, discusses the indispensable role of typography in content marketing and strengthening your brand.


Driven by Curiosity: A Profile of Chief Marketing Officer Jason Skinner

10/18/16 by Thomas Crocker, Copywriter

Topics: Team Profiles

Once a journalist, always a journalist. True North Custom Chief Marketing Officer Jason Skinner channels his previous professional self by bringing a newshound’s thirst for understanding and relationship building to his role.


The Search for Inspiration: A Profile of Creative Director Eric Jackson

08/24/16 by Thomas Crocker, Copywriter

Topics: Team Profiles

True North Custom Creative Director Eric Jackson never knows where he’ll find inspiration, but he’s always on the lookout for it.

Eric came to True North Custom nine years ago after working in custom design for a Fortune 250 insurance company and various print publications. He has led the design department as creative director for the past five years. In this role, his main task is helping spark the creativity of his team of designers.


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