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Video: Advancing Healthcare Marketing Strategy through Storytelling

07/02/19 by Heather Hammond, Managing Editor

Topics: Webinar Recordings, Content Marketing

Storytelling is a hallmark of modern marketing, and best-selling author Seth Godin even went as far as to say, “Marketing is storytelling.” 


Creating an Effective SEO Content Strategy: Part 1

02/27/19 by Ashley DuFrene, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Topics: Webinar Recordings, Content Marketing


Discover the steps for conducting a content audit, including where to concentrate for keyword research and other critical elements required in the planning phase of an SEO content strategy. (Adapted from our recent webinar recorded above.)


How to Nurture Leads to Conversion with Email

04/05/17 by Lauren Knight, Marketing Coordinator

Topics: Webinar Recordings, Digital Marketing

Our 2017 State of Healthcare Content Marketing survey found that more than three-quarters of healthcare marketers struggle with attracting new patients and nurturing existing patients. Here are proven strategies to advancing these audiences through the decision cycle.  

In a recent webinar, True North Custom VP of Operations Tyler Hardekopf and Director of UX and Product Development Eric Clarkson offered six keys to a successful lead nurturing strategy. Here are three actionable tips your hospital or health system can put into practice to drive profitable volume for orthopedics, bariatrics, and other service lines.


Webinar: Digital Marketing that Connects with Banking Consumers

08/06/15 by Kevin Lytle, VP of Business Partnerships

Topics: Webinar Recordings

True North's VP of Business Partnerships Kevin Lytle and Digital Products Manager Tyler Hardekopf share insights that:

  • Enable you to define your integrated marketing plan
  • Leverage multiple channels to reach your target audience
  • Apply real-world, integrated marketing campaign examples to your business objectives



Webinar: How to Measure What Really Matters in Healthcare Marketing

07/08/15 by James Colvin

Topics: Webinar Recordings, Measurement & Analytics

In the latest installment in our webinar series for marketing strategists, True North experts James Colvin and Jason Skinner share best practices on how to identify and measure the most meaningful healthcare marketing metrics.



Webinar: Take Your Member Onboarding to the Next Level

12/18/14 by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer

Topics: Webinar Recordings

Learn how leading credit unions are taking a more strategic, systematic approach to engaging new members.


Webinar: Marketing for Population Health

11/12/14 by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer

Topics: Webinar Recordings, Audience Segmentation & Targeting, Content Strategy

Discover how your marketing can support a population health management strategy.


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