Using Local SEO to Capture Your Community

by Hannah Stuart, Copywriter - 08/15/16

Using local SEO to capture your community

Mastering local SEO is tricky, but the boost it gives your business is worth it.

If you’ve ever used your desktop or phone to quickly Google restaurants, office supply stores, nail salons or any other local business, you have benefited from local SEO. Searchers use the internet to find businesses nearby that will meet their needs—according to Google, one in three searches done in the US via smartphone is a “local” search—and if you master the use of local search engine optimization for your business, you can draw those searchers from your community into your existing customer base.

Local SEO is very different from your average search engine optimization, as it focuses on supplying a searcher with results that meet their search criteria and also happen to be close to them geographically. For example, if you pulled out your phone right now and searched “Italian restaurant,” Google would show you Italian restaurants near your location.

As both usage of mobile internet and use of the internet to find local businesses are consistently rising, it’s worth it to invest a little effort in ensuring your website’s local SEO. Whether you rely solely on organic searches or decide to promote your business through targeted search marketing, you could see a rise in new customers.

Making Local SEO Work for You 

To strengthen local SEO, link-building is less important than things you can do on the back end of your website, including:

  • Claiming your Google My Business page
  • Creating listings on sites such as Google+, Google Small Business, and Bing Places, among others
  • Making sure that your business’s name, address, and phone number are displayed on each page of your site in a manner consistent with how you display them on other websites
  • Getting reviews from local customers who have had a good experience with your business
  • Adding a Google map with your business marker to the main page of your website

When you do work on link-building for local SEO purposes, make sure that your focus is less on highly ranked sites and more on websites that are both local to you and relevant to your business or the topics you discuss on your website.

Thinking locally is just as important in digital marketing as it is in print marketing—perhaps more so as digital marketing becomes more prominent. By making local SEO a priority and creating good content, you can leapfrog big brands to move to the forefront of local searches and bring in a brand new crop of customers.

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