Video: Content Hubs — A Powerful Way to Connect With Consumers

by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer - 09/30/19


Jane Crosby, vice president of strategy at True North Custom, shares insights on connecting with consumers online and positioning your organization as the trusted provider of choice.

Healthcare marketers are borrowing a page from the play books of American Express, Costco and other leading brands by developing content hubs — an essential component of an integrated content strategy.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to leverage the success of top B2B and B2C brands by creating a content hub that engages consumers on their healthcare journey.


Why Create a Content Hub?

The data is clear: Consumers crave healthcare online content. In fact, the 2019 PRC National Healthcare Consumer Study asked a random sample of 1,500 consumers for their number one source of healthcare information and nearly a third (30%) selected the Internet as their top source, compared to 25% who selected friends/relatives and 15% who chose their family doctor.

By engaging consumers during their healthcare journey, which often starts online, hospitals and health systems can enhance both brand and financial performance. Research of the top 1,000+ public companies shows a direct correlation between digital strength and future revenue growth.

Ready to Learn More?

Find out how a content hub can help you engage and convert healthcare consumers.

Content Hub Overview

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