What Kevin Spacey Says About Content Marketing

by Angela Williams - 10/13/14

What’s the secret to effective content marketing?

blog-kevinspaceyI recently joined more than 2,600 content marketers from 50 countries at Content Marketing World 2014—all searching for the answer to that question. So, what is the answer? Here’s the best explanation I gleaned from the brightest minds in content marketing:

Effective content marketing = inspired content distributed across multiple channels in a coordinated manner.

In the coming months, I’ll write a bit more about experiences and takeaways from this exceptional conference. In the meantime, here are a few quotables I jotted down to share:

“MOI [moments of inspiration] leads to ROI. Valuable content increases demand for what you sell.”—Andrew Davis, author of Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships

“Content marketing connects with and adds value to consumers’ lives. Content and data are intrinsically linked. Content requires data to know what and when to produce.”—Julie Fleischer, director of Data + Content + Media at Kraft

“Words are ambassadors. They tell the world who you are. Through your words, give your customers gifts. Delight them in an everyday space.”—Ann Handley, author of Everybody Writes

“Those who tell the story rule the world. Good stories make us care and build relationships. Give people something of value—share knowledge and educate. Stories create engagement, which creates relationships, which create ROI.”—Shane Snow, chief creative officer for Contently

“Story x Voice = Impact. How something is said is processed in a different part of the brain than what is being said. Ultimately, what we learn about the communicator [company] peaks higher and lasts longer than what we learn about the topic.”—Doug Kessler, creative director for Velocity Partners

“Good content-making is not a crapshoot. It’s always been about the story.”—Kevin Spacey

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