Why Video Is Essential to Your Digital Marketing Campaign

by Brittain Whiteside-Galloway, Copywriter - 06/22/16


The play button on a video is one of the most powerful calls to action in the digital world.

Videos constitute nearly 65 percent of all Internet traffic, so using video provides marketers a virtually limitless opportunity to engage, educate, and expand. Your online audience is looking for video content, so why not make videos an essential part of your successful digital marketing campaign?

Each day, 100 million internet users tune into watch online videos—and 75 percent of these users follow up with a visit to videos’ sites after watching. Furthermore, nearly 75 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video, according to reelseo.com. Talk about a huge increase in engagement (and, as a result, search engine ranking)! So why are videos so powerful?

A Matter of Engagement

Online posts and articles, e-newsletters, and emails are great methods of reaching your targeted audiences, but they are even more effective when a video is included or embedded. It can be hard to find a personal connection with a text-only post, but when clients see and hear your patients, your clients, and your employees—witnessing their body language and listening to the tone of their voices—their interest is sparked. Video allows you to build trust and enhance your credibility and character, while engaging your audience in ways other media cannot.

Videos also serve as an effective means of educating potential clients about your brand, services, and capabilities. When making buying decisions, 96 percent of online shoppers turn to videos to help them with decision-making, according to a survey by Animoto, an online video creation site.

Video Options

So what kinds of video options are available? There are many — the trick is figuring out which ones will best reach your target audience. Video options include traditional video, as well as animation videos that are popular with the public and can be simple or more intricate, depending on the video’s purpose. Another option, GoPro, allows marketers to grasp and engage people’s interests by attaching the camera to someone—such as a physician or patient—to provide a first-person perspective. GoPro cameras don’t have to be expensive, and they can provide a huge enhancement to your content.

We've outlined a few videos that, according to Wistia, tend to deliver the highest return on invistment

The Right Video in the Right Place

Once you’ve made a video, where should you share it?

Facebook videos.

Facebook allows you to upload up to 120 minutes of video. However, most audiences drop off after about the 45-second mark. Keep your videos short, or consider using the new Facebook Live feature to live stream public events at your facility. Social Media Today reports that people watch live feeds on Facebook three times longer than recorded video.


Vine is perfect for reaching your audience via short videos, but you have to be extremely creative with these messages. Can you tell your story within the six-second Vine video limit? Then this platform is for you.


YouTube has more than a billion viewers and reaches more people between the ages of 18 and 49 than any cable news network.

With any videos embedded in emails, e-newsletters, social media, or on sites other than your company’s, it’s best to keep them short so viewers will stay tuned and watch all the way through. You can use these shorter, simpler videos as teasers to link back to longer, more in-depth ones on your website.

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