Why We Love Measurement Plans (And You Should, Too!)

by James Colvin - 05/29/15

Previously I’ve talked about key metrics for digital marketing and some tips for successful marketing measurement. This time, I’d like to go all the way back to the start: Why it’s important to plan how you'll measure your marketing before the marketing even starts—and why we love doing it.


Reason #1: Measurement plans ensure that campaigns are aligned with business objectives.

The ultimate goal of any healthcare marketing campaign should be tied to a larger business objective. A couple examples from our client engagements are to “increase orthopedic volume” or “decrease avoidable ED encounters." The measurement plan starts there and ensures everything else flows from that objective.

Reason #2: It makes you think about what’s really important.

By explicitly tying metrics to the business objective and goals, it forces everyone to think about what metrics you should care about. Are pageviews really going to tell you if you succeeded at increasing orthopedic volume, or would the submission rate on the “Request an Appointment” form make more sense to track?

Reason #3: Everyone involved understands what equals success from the outset.

Every marketer has fielded the question, “Well, did the campaign work?” at some point in their career. Having a measurement plan in place from the start means that everyone will know what metrics are being monitored, and what the targets are that define success for the campaign.

These are just a few of the reasons we love measurement plans. Learn more by viewing the recording of our webinar, "How to Measure What Really Matters in Healthcare Marketing." 

 Watch the Recording



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