American Health Imaging Uses Digital Marketing Strategy to Reach More Patients

"You are hands down the best team to expand our markets and drive demand."
Melissa Weston
Vice President of Marketing at US Radiology Specialists

The Challenge

In 2019, AHI selected True North as their digital and content marketing partner to drive patient volumes across approximately 35 outpatient locations. The organization historically had implemented some digital marketing and was interested in moving towards a more strategic approach leveraging True North’s digital marketing expertise and best practices to reach more potential patients through digital campaigns.

The Solution

True North collaborated with AHI to develop a highly targeted digital marketing strategy designed to reach more patients and to engage consumers who need diagnostic imaging services. Based on the organization’s goals and budget, components were designed to:

  • Build brand awareness through social media and
  • Educate consumers on their choice in imaging care through strong SEO messaging strategies and
  • Drive bottom of funnel conversions of existing patient demand through paid search.

The Goals

As we began to develop our digital marketing strategy and media plans for their highest priority services, we outlined specific goal metrics, and want to highlight the results of our paid search efforts.

The goals for our paid search campaign include the following:

  • 3% click-through rate on impressions (2% industry average)
  • $3 cost per click
  • 5% conversion rate (1.81% industry average)
  • $60 cost per lead ($78 industry average)

The Results

The results of our digital marketing strategy demonstrated that we were able to successfully help AHI to quickly reach more patients, even throughout the pandemic.

Our search metrics for general imaging services from January 1, 2020, to November 30, 2020, are as follows:

  • 5.96% click-through rate on impressions
  • $4.11 cost per click
  • 18.27% conversion rate
  • Over 2,000 total conversions
  • $22.47 cost per lead

The success of the AHI digital marketing strategy outlined here can be attributed to a handful of key factors. First, our messaging strategies in each ad, landing page copy and design are designed to optimize, respectively, click through rate and conversion rate. High click and conversion rates, in turn, lead to a low cost per lead—proving ourselves as both a high-performing and cost-efficient partner in helping healthcare organizations engage with more patients.

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