True North & CHI

For more than 25 years, True North Custom has helped marketers navigate challenges and chart clear paths to success. Today, we partner with more than 500 client organizations nationwide to develop data-driven content marketing programs that support growth, retention, and cost-containment strategies.


True North offers a turnkey approach to your marketing campaigns—from audience and content development to printing/deployment, distribution, and measuring ROI. Our process:

  1. Drives deadlines and process accountability within the dynamics of a truly custom media environment.
  2. Optimizes your custom media solution as a “good read,” delivering a reader experience that will deepen relationships and deliver results.
  3. Focuses on unique strategic marketing and communications objectives at multiple levels—image, branding, patient retention, service-line knowledge, and appropriate demographic targeting.

Your custom print publication will feature your local facility or system’s content from cover to cover. The content will reflect your organization’s unique brand and strategic objectives.

About Us

Our Purpose

We are creative and analytical marketing strategists who are passionate about helping our clients and their customers make smarter decisions and live better lives.

Our Values

We craft engaging content that creates value for clients by connecting their goals with their customers’ interests. Our marketing and communication strategies build trust, generate demand, and deliver exceptional outcomes.

Our Vision

As pioneers in content marketing, we embrace new ways to enrich the reader experience, drive measurable impact for marketing, and help our clients grow their organizations.

Working with a Team

As a True North client, you’ll be assigned a three-member production team that will work closely together to ensure that every issue of your magazine meets your needs and expectations. All members of your production team are at your disposal—ready to assist you in every way.

Your account manager is your main point of contact throughout the process and will serve as your voice to the rest of True North. Your project will also be assigned a managing editor who will ensure the copy meets your style and quality expectations. Likewise, your designer will ensure that your project maintains a consistent look and feel, while keeping the overall design fresh and engaging.

Relationship with CHI

As the corporate publishing partner for Catholic Health Initiatives, True North understands the importance of representing the national CHI brand while maintaining each MBO’s identity and unique voice within the community. Our team of strategy and content experts leverages this knowledge to develop a cohesive, fully custom publishing master plan that drives awareness, preference, and a conversion path to your local market’s access points. These outcomes are achieved through a strategic approach to custom publishing—from planning and content development to distribution, measurement, and optimization.

True North works with CHI Corporate and about two dozen CHI facilities, so we can offer the benefit of sharing information and experience that will help you make decisions about your publication. To make it easy for you to adhere to CHI brand standards, True North has access to CHI’s Brand Center. We have received training and instruction from the Brand Specialist, which our team will apply to your publication.

Products and Services

The Right Solution for Your Strategy

While you might be familiar with True North because of our custom publications, we are actually a full-service creative and analytical marketing strategy firm that can meet all of your marketing needs. Whether your strategic plan involves acquisition, retention, or growth, we offer precisely targeted and highly measurable content marketing solutions that fit your unique plans, priorities, and budget. In addition to providing custom publications, True North can also be your source for:

  • CRM
  • Research
  • Direct mail
  • Email marketing
  • Digital magazines
  • Websites
  • Web content


Email (TrueConnect):

Digital Editions:

Service Line Campaign Site:


System-Wide Per-Piece Rate

We worked with CHI Corporate to achieve a single price point for all participating MBOs that is typical for publications with client-provided copy. However, True North offers custom copywriting as a value-added component for CHI MBOs. Thus, the program (and price for each MBO) includes all of True North’s publishing, editorial, design, and printing services. Distribution costs, like buying mailing lists and postage, are additional.

The price point is based on total participation from the MBOs. As we add or lose MBOs from the publishing program, the per-piece rate may fluctuate; we will manage this with CHI Corporate. The goal is to continually drive efficiency into the program by helping as many MBOs as possible publish for their communities and thereby decrease your costs.

Participation/Current Participants

Hospital Name City State MBO/Primary Contact Name Contact Phone
Albany Area Health Albany MN Renee Thelen (320) 845-6104
Catholic Health Initiatives Englewood CO Katherine Nicolson (720) 874-1595
Franciscan Health Tacoma WA Amanda Hobbs (253) 382-3887
Friendship Fargo ND Dori Leslie; Katelyn Miller (701) 235-8217
LakeWood Health Baudette MN Jaime Boretski-LaValla (218) 634-3486;
(763) 350-7184 (c)
Mercy Health Valley City ND Lisa Urbatsch (701) 845-6486
Mercy Medical Center-Centerville Centerville IA Ann E. Young (641) 437-3434
Mercy Medical Center Williston ND Dubi Schwanz Cummings, MBA, MBM (701) 774-7024
Riverview Fargo ND Bonnie Peters (701) 237-4700
St. Anthony Hospital Pendleton OR Larry Blanc (541) 966-0528
St. Francis Health Breckenridge MN Mary Jacklitch (218) 643-0405
St. Gabriel's Health Little Falls MN Patrick Rioux (320) 631-5608;
(320) 630-5836 (c)
St. Joseph's Health-Park Rapids Park Rapids MN Judith Miller; Krissy Nelson (218) 616-3310
Kentucky One Health Louisville KY Lannette (Lani) R. VanderToll (502) 562-7011

Getting Started

If you like what you see and you’re ready to learn more, contact Eric Silberman, executive vice president of client partnerships, at (843) 647-0479 or Erin Mooney, account manager, at (423) 490-9939.

They can answer all your questions, explain the process in detail, and help you start producing your custom publication. Once you’re ready to start, you’ll have a Launch Meeting, where you’ll meet your True North team, discuss your needs and wants for your magazine, and determine your magazine’s custom architecture and content. Our copywriters, editors, and designers will get to work, and your 100 percent custom magazine can be in your readers’ hands within months!


Custom Publishing: By the Numbers

  • 66 percent of women feel misunderstood by healthcare marketers. Women play a significant role in encouraging their loved ones to seek medical attention. Additionally, women utilize three times more health care than men, in part because of their need for reproductive services.
  • 73 percent of consumers say they prefer to receive information in a collection of articles (like a custom publication), rather than in an ad.
  • 68 percent say that after reading a custom publication, they end up feeling like they know more about the company, and 61 percent feel better about the company.
  • Custom media positively impacts purchase decisions: 65 percent say the information provided in custom media helps them make better purchase decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does True North have access to the Catholic Health Initiatives Brand Center?  (may not need this one if we speak to branding already in the content)

Yes. True North staff have access to it and have been trained. We work closely with CHI corporate to ensure that all publications stick closely to brand requirements. 

I am already working or thinking of working with another publication vendor. Do I have to use True North? 

True North is CHI's national publication vendor. Per CHI Corporate, MBOs who want to publish a magazine or newsletter must work with the vendor for which they have a corporate contract. Any questions about this can be directed internally. 

Is this going to take up a lot of my time?

No. We are a part of your team—an easy-to-use asset that you can utilize to make your life easier! Do as much or as little as your time allows.

What’s so great about 100 percent custom content?

By utilizing custom content, you are ensuring that every page of your publication is being used to promote the people, facility, staff, resources, and services of your hospital. 100 percent custom content helps you deliver truly usable information to the communities you serve while meeting your strategic objectives.

Is True North publishing marketing products for MBOs other than newsletters/magazines? 

Yes, we have done BREs, inserts, and postcards, and can help MBOs with any of their digital/print needs.

Is there a publication plan for CHI Foundations? 

True North’s services can help CHI Foundations. Any corporate CHI questions can be directed internally. 

Who writes the stories?

We do. Our editorial staff makes sure all articles are written to include quotes and mentions of your staff and facility. We make all the calls, do all the interviewing, and write and edit the copy. If you would like to assist, that’s fine, too—you can do as much or as little as your time allows.

What about design—can you extend our current brand standards?

We sure can. That’s what custom publishing and True North are all about—delivering the custom design and brand identity you need to generate increased utilization and revenues for your hospital. Our designers are highly versatile artists who can deliver whatever design elements you want for your publication, even while adhering to the strictest of company graphic standards.

Can we get a lower rate if we do all the copywriting and True North only designs and prints it? 

Through the RFP process, CHI corporate helped achieve a single price point that would be typical for client-provided copy; as such, the per-piece rate is set, and we provide custom copywriting as a value-added component of that price point. Whether or not you write some or all of the articles, the rate does not change. 

Can I make copy revisions and corrections to designed pages?

Yes. You can make changes on any of the proofs you receive. All requested changes must be made within the time frame established in your production schedule.

What about photography?

True North provides all photography for every issue of your publication. Of course, you are encouraged to provide photos or photo ideas for each issue, but we have thousands of images in our vast image bank.

How does it all come together?

Publication dates, production schedules, content and design issues, and the custom design elements of your publication will be addressed in your Launch Meeting that will take place after we reach an agreement. This meeting will involve your True North editor, account manager, and designer. This is the time and place to really focus on content and creative design influences. Your vision for custom design and specific content is precisely what we will deliver.

So, what’s the bottom line?

Simply put, if you are going to send your patients or prospective patients a publication about health, why not utilize every page of your publication to promote your facility, staff, and local resources? It’s easy, it’s effective, and it’s smart!