Content Strategy

Our fully custom approach ensures the right content is delivered via the right channel, to the right audience, at the right time to achieve your business objectives.


Connecting Strategy with Content 

We design every content strategy with your big-picture goals in mind.

Here are just a few of the reasons that hundreds of hospitals and health systems turn to us:

Grow key service lines and generate profitable volume

Enhance brand awareness and perception to reduce patient outmigration and increase market share

Engage physicians to increase patient referrals 

Educate patients and community members to support population health initiatives and reduce readmissions


A Data-Driven Approach

Our content strategists leverage data analytics, data management, and predictive modeling to optimize performance and maximize your return on investment.

With industry standard best practices and benchmarks from 30+ years experience and partnerships with hundreds of clients across the country, we're the ones providing a path from content to real ROI.


Content at the Core

Engaging consumers, building top-of-mind status, and generating profitable service line growth requires a commitment to delivering relevant, engaging content that your target audience wants to read.

The results of this inbound approach are remarkable: Visitors to our campaign sites who view three or more pages of content are 10 times more likely to make an appointment.

Whether you are building credibility and preference for your brand through print publications written specifically for your target audience, developing infographics to illustrate an idea, or sharing listicles on social media, content is the key to driving your bottom line.


The Integration Imperative

Leveraging the precision of print with the digital experience is the most effective way to move consumers through the buying process.

In fact, our research of more than 4,000 healthcare consumers discovered that after receiving a custom publication, the number one action taken was visiting the organization’s website to learn more, complete an assessment, or schedule an appointment.


Analytics and Reporting

To be successful, a content strategy requires constant monitoring to adjust the target audience, messaging, and other variables for maximum response. True North provides standard and custom reporting options based on your unique needs, including:

Monthly reporting and analysis on content performance, site performance, referral sources

Ongoing content strategy and tuning based on performance and testing

Ideas, insights, and tactics to market to leads generated via the site and improve on performance goals


Strategic Partners You Can Count On

True North Custom offers a turnkey approach to direct marketing—from strategy and creative to campaign analysis, reporting, and optimization.

Our digital content can be informed by your existing CRM, or we can use our proprietary TrueInsights™ data to make sure you're delivering the most relevant messaging to your target audience. 

For 30 years, True North Custom has helped healthcare clients engage consumers and physicians with custom content. Complete the form below or call 423.305.7692 to learn more.