Finally, it’s easy to diversify your content strategy with turnkey video content.

Make videos with your HCPs, faster.

Consumers are looking for authentic information from providers who are passionate to share their knowledge.

Don't get bogged down.

Our workflow removes common bottlenecks and keeps the content flowing.

You know you’re sitting on a gold mine, but you can’t unlock the content your HCPs have.

Video has a way of engaging with consumers that is unquestionable.

But it's also expensive and time consuming to produce.

Scheduling nightmares and endless approval loops ultimately end in a bland video with few views.

We fixed it.

We designed a process that serves your needs.

First, take a minute to understand the consumer.

The research phase (top-of-the-funnel) can be split by consumer intent.

Produce content with careful awareness of search volume, strategic priorities and reporting.
Audio and video streaming ads
Blogs and content hubs
Display advertising
Website content
Paid social ads
Produce content for casual education, brand awareness and long term connection.
Organic social (TikTok, Meta, etc...)
Custom publications

Producing content for engagement is unique.

Our solution removes common bottlenecks and enables you to create videos with your HCPs quickly.


Get video ideas quickly.

Get video ideas quickly.

Bye-bye blank screen.

Our ideas database is built by our team of healthcare marketers. We keep up with new healthcare research, follow health trends and create a LOT of content.

These ideas are generated with search volume metrics and trends in mind, just like our action oriented content strategy process.

Get your interview kit

Find an idea, enter your email and get your content brief and five interview questions that can kick start a new video delivered to your inbox — then you're ready for step No. 2.


Get video from your HCPs.

Get video from your HCPs.

Record the video as simply as possible.

Assign a member of your marketing team to record the video with their phone in the provider’s office.

If you partner with us on a content package, we provide a custom link that can be shared with the HCP that allows them to record themselves at their convenience, or your marketing team member can record them with the link.


Edit engaging videos.

Edit engaging videos.

Edit authentic vertical video that match today’s trends.

Keep graphics simple and follow current style trends.

If you work with us on a content package, as soon as the HCP records their video, it's sent to our team who handles all the editing, fact checking, graphics and captions ... quickly.


Measure effectiveness.

Measure effectiveness.

Optimize for engagement

Track how different topics and styles gather engagement.

If you partner with us on a content package, we roll this engagement data into your integrated marketing dashboards and discuss optimizations during our weekly or monthly calls.

We also track high-engagement videos and use them in targeted paid media campaigns.

Get started by browsing our content ideas library and getting an interview kit.


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