Financial Institution Marketing Executive

At True North, we understand your greatest challenges.

“How am I supposed to segment, personalize and measure my marketing strategy — all with a smaller budget?”
“I’m worried that if I change what we’ve always done, results will drop and I will lose my job or my budget.”
“How do I generate loan growth from people who are not borrowing?”
“How can I reach and engage Gen-Y?”

From limited resources, budget, and employee support to difficulty managing multiple initiatives and demonstrating return on investment, today’s financial marketers face more unique challenges than ever before.

Join the evolution by partnering with True North Custom to achieve TrueGrowth through increased marketing effectiveness and efficiency. We’re here to help you navigate the challenges and stay the course to deliver on:

  • Revenue growth — drive loan, checking, and new consumer/member goals
  • Consumer/Member satisfaction and retention — gauge satisfaction and increase loyalty
  • Marketing return on investment — demonstrate the impact of your efforts through qualitative and quantitative metrics
  • New audience engagement — reach younger and more diverse demographics to broaden your consumer/member base

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Whether your growth objectives involve brand awareness/perception, new consumer/member acquisition, or retention, we offer a full suite of print and digital solutions that translate your strategy into the most effective marketing tactics.

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