True North Custom an Official Media Partner for Cleveland Clinic Health Summit

by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer - Sep 3, 2019 10:02:50 AM

CMW_2019_ExpoLogo-01From voice search to partnering with physicians, here are a few topics on the minds of healthcare content marketing professionals.

We're proud to share some the most salient insights for healthcare marketing pros from this year’s conference:

How to Elevate the Physician Voice in Your Content Marketing — featuring Scott Steele, MD, MBA, chair of colorectal surgery at Cleveland Clinic.

Setting the Pace for Voice Search in Health Care —featuring Courtney Cox, digital marketing manager at Children’s Health. 

Content Marketing: The Only Constant Is Change — featuring Anne Drago, creative director at the Cleveland Clinic. 

How Does Your Healthcare Brand Sound? — featuring Tom Neumann, MBA, executive director, content and creative services, Cleveland Clinic. 

Ann Handley on Healthcare Content Marketing

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