Be a Proactive Resource for Population Health

Content strategies designed to change behavior and improve health outcomes for the patients and communities you serve.


Target & Promote

Target at-risk groups or patients prone to readmission using self-reported health data, keywords used on search engines, demographics, and geographic location—to name a few.

Tactics include:

  • Paid search advertising
  • Paid social media advertising
  • Targeted direct mail
  • Email marketing
  • Custom publications and newsletters

Inform & Engage

Whether promoting smoking cessation, weight management, or screenings and immunizations, we craft content that helps your community avoid illness and manage chronic conditions. This educational approach can have a significant impact on the health and well being of your population—and a positive impact on your bottom line.


Report & Refine

Receive actionable insights that your True North Custom team compiles and delivers for each campaign. Our test and learn approach enables us to continuously refine the target audience, content, and concept based on performance.

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Case Study: Population Health

At Tampa General Hospital, changing community perception goes hand in hand with a new marketing strategy that puts health and wellness content at the heart of the private, not-for-profit hospital’s message.

View the success story.

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