TrueInsights™ Data Analytics


Gain consumer insights and competitive advantage with the healthcare industry’s most robust data analytics platform.


Data-Driven Marketing for Health Care

Our TrueInsights™ combines the industry's most comprehensive data analytics platform with award-winning custom content and digital campaigns.

This allows healthcare marketers to deliver the right content, via the right channel, at the right time to the right audience.


TrueInsights™ allows you to take a data-driven approach to marketing through:

  • Market insights on the demographics, lifestyles, and predictive, behavioral, social, psychographic, and self-reported conditions of all consumers in the marketplace
  • Sophisticated campaigns and marketing automation with measurable results

Understand Your Unique Market

Gain instant demographic insights into your patient and prospect households.


Optimize Marketing Campaigns

You'll receive quarterly reports demonstrating performance, including response to print and digital touchpoints, conversions compared to your campaign goals and industry standards, and more.


Scalable Marketing Automation and Insights

Access big-budget data analytics tools at a price point designed for facilities like yours.

Our Team is Your Team

True North Custom is with you every step of the way, providing you with strategy, execution, reporting and insights, and optimization based on results.

Take the first step to an improved marketing investment. Let us show you how to better target your audience and deliver ROI. Complete the form below or call 423.305.7692 to learn more about TrueInsights™.