Print Marketing

Print Marketing

Rich print content strategies are designed to build brand awareness, affinity and action.
Print Marketing

Stand Out from the Online Noise

As consumers are exposed to more and more forms of digital content, healthcare marketers find it increasingly challenging to make their brand stand out in the online noise. By incorporating custom print publications into the mix and complementing them with online extensions, True North Custom clients are increasing consumer engagement and patient volume.

Our fully custom print publications are designed to engage with your patients and ideal prospects in a way specifically tailored to their demographic needs. Our ability to write for many audiences enables us to engage with particularly challenging stakeholders, take a personalized or daring spin on content, and make sure your publishing strategy hits the goals you have set while being an engaging and entertaining read for consumers.

Our approach to custom publishing is designed to reflect your unique brand voice, local demographics and target delivery schedules—while freeing you up from day-to-day production.

We offer the full continuum of custom publishing services:

  • Content planning and strategy
  • Subject matter expert interviews and topic research from reputable healthcare
    sources (e.g., American Heart Association)
  • Copywriting, multi-stage editing and proofreading, and fact-checking of content
  • Design and layout, including custom photography and art direction
  • Print and distribution
  • Mail list and postage management
  • Measurement, reporting and optimization
  • Annual program review and strategy recommendations

"True North has been my trusted partner for nearly 20 years at 2 different hospitals. They are a valuable part of my marketing strategy."

Laura Shea
Chief Marketing Officer Humboldt General Hospital