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    Data Analytics

    At True North, our approach to developing strategy starts with listening and learning with as much data input from you as possible.

    Our team of experts uses that data to tell you where your best opportunities are for growing service line profitability, improving payer mix, and population health management. We then take direction from you and use propensity modeling to determine the best audience of most likely users in your service areas.

    Whether deploying a direct mail campaign or capturing response through a call center, we can match those individuals to everyone who then comes into your healthcare system. We deliver quarterly ROI reporting so you always have quantifiable data to demonstrate your success.

    We don’t use any “black box” technology and with our Web portal, you can see what we see—and study all of your own patient and financial data right at your fingertips.

    Referring Physician Data

    Our reporting includes analysis of your referring and admitting physicians by names and ID numbers. Of course, that information is dependent on the accuracy of your admissions office.


    Population Health Management

    Identify, target, and communicate directly to those patients who come in routinely for avoidable ED encounters. Many times, frequent users of the ED for primary care services simply do not know what other community resources exist for them to establish a medical home—and you can help them get connected. Influence at the individual level is important to help them get the right care in the right place. Furthermore, identify those people within that population who qualify for the healthcare exchange and communicate how to get enrolled.


    Reduce Readmissions

    Research shows that at least half of all 30-day readmissions are actually due to a lack of patients’ adherence to treatment regimens. They simply forget their follow-up visit or stop following the prescriptions too soon. We can use your patient discharge information to greatly impact the education of these patients and keep them on the path of a healthy recovery.