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    A complete solution for healthcare e-mail marketing

    Most ESPs (e-mail service providers) provide templates, but you have to generate all the content for the e-newsletter. With the demands facing healthcare marketers, it can be a challenge to produce quality content on a regular basis. TrueConnect offers a vast library of health and wellness articles to enhance your e-newsletter and add value to your e-mail communications.


    • Up to 4 client-provided articles — can include content from custom print publication
    • Quicklinks to client-selected web pages
    • Customizable Greeting, Tidbits, Calls to Action, and Polls
    • Subscriber Personalization
    • Social Media Links
    • Event Calendar
    • Banner Ad
    • Mobile friendly
    • Quickmail – ad hoc email messaging client can upload and deploy on demand
    • List Management — up to 10,000 addresses per month
    • Standard Reporting – email and link statistics delivered after each deployment


    • Generates leads and categorizes prospective patients through subscription form
    • Engages the reader and builds consumer loyalty by delivering timely, informative content
    • Builds online brand awareness
    • Easy to use interface through the Client Portal
    • Low cost
    • Turnkey process requiring as much or little involvement as client prefers

    In collaboration with the Digital Product Manager, our account management team works with the client to interpret this insight and inform the marketing strategy. This approach ensures that the newsletter consistently performs well and our clients continue to benefit from its value.

    Health & Wellness Article Library

    Fresh content is generated each month. Monthly deployments of TrueConnect are sent on the first day of the month throughout the year. To accommodate a variety of communication needs, the product can be deployed on a less frequent schedule as well. It provides clients with a robust capability to customize their content and target their audience effectively. Choose new articles each month from our library of health and wellness categories:

    • Adolescent Health
    • Holistic Health
    • Seasonal Health
    • Behavioral Health
    • Infants' Health
    • Seniors' Health
    • Cancer
    • Men's Health
    • Toddlers' Health
    • Children's Health
    • New Developments in Medicine
    • Weight Management
    • Dental Health
    • Nutrition
    • Women's Health
    • Heart Health
    • Orthopedics


    Each of the TrueConnect layout options are designed to be mobile-friendly, and will reformat to a single column when viewed on a small screen device.

    Reporting & Analytics

    Reports are available after each deployment and include metrics for:

    • # of email sent
    • # of emails opened
    • # of emails clicked
    • # of emails unsubscribed
    • # of emails bounced
    • Open rates
    • Click rates
    • Links statistics