3 Email Automation Tactics Proven to Grow Patient Volume

02/22/17 by Kayla Anderson, Marketing Manager

Topics: Digital Marketing

Personalized email automation is one of the highest-converting tactics your organization can leverage to generate revenue.


Our 3 Favorite Hospital Blogs

02/20/17 by Melissa Moore, Copywriter

Topics: Digital Marketing, Content Strategy

When crafting the perfect blog for your healthcare organization, learn from the best.


Building an Engaged Subscriber List for Effective Lead Nurturing

02/15/17 by Kaitlin Gunter, Copywriter

Topics: Digital Marketing, Audience Segmentation & Targeting, Content Strategy


CRM Champion: A Profile of Chris Restle

02/13/17 by Thomas Crocker, Copywriter

Topics: Team Profiles

Chris Restle, True North Custom’s director of strategic development and innovation, is a man of many interests, not least of which is helping community hospitals figure out how to put their data to work using CRM.  

With passions stretching from parenthood to the arts and from sports to craft beer, Chris is nothing if not well-rounded. He nearly graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Madison with a degree in sculpture but ended up with a bachelor of arts in communication instead. He and his family live in Madison, where he spends his free time coaching his children’s soccer teams and brewing homemade beer.


What’s the Secret to Fostering Engaged Employees?

02/08/17 by Tiffany Parnell, Senior Copywriter

Topics: Productivity Hacks, Leadership Development

The answer to building a workforce of engaged employees may not lie in perks or even financial incentives.


How to Build Better, More Effective Facebook Ads

02/06/17 by Hannah Stuart, Copywriter

Topics: Paid Media & Advertising, Social Media Marketing

The most effective Facebook ads are highly targeted and guide your audience through the buying process.

Targeted Facebook ads allow you zero in on specific audiences to make the ads more appealing to where they are in the buying process. The low cost, combined with the ability to target based on Facebook demographics and known preferences, means you can create an ad for each segment of your audience for each goal of your campaign.


Getting it Done: Improve Productivity with a Well-timed Day

02/01/17 by Tiffany Parnell, Senior Copywriter

Topics: Productivity Hacks

Find out how establishing a science-based timeline for meals, exercise, tasks, brainstorming, and problem-solving can improve productivity.


7 Content Marketing Predictions Worth Paying Attention to in 2017

01/30/17 by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer

Topics: Content Strategy

We’ve combed through piles of prognostications by top marketing pundits to bring you the most compelling — and in our view, the most accurate — projections related to content marketing.

Marketing focus will shift from acquisition to engagement.

In 2017, we’ll need to shift our focus to driving growth within existing audiences—like measuring daily or weekly active users to ensure consistent engagement until conversion. Instead of just bringing you to this blog post, we should optimize it so that you engage, subscribe, and keep coming back.


Double Vision: A Profile of Senior UX Designer Eric Clarkson

01/25/17 by Thomas Crocker, Copywriter

Topics: Team Profiles

As True North Custom’s Senior UX (User Experience) Designer, Eric Clarkson views the company’s digital products through two lenses: as creator and consumer. 

When it comes to digital design, Eric is a largely self-taught expert. He spent his free time as a graphic design student at the University of Tennessee teaching himself the ins and outs of designing for the digital space. After college, he worked first for a New York City startup, then as a contract designer for an agency in San Francisco and as a freelancer.


Got Ideas? Keep the New Blog Topics Coming With These 5 Tips

01/23/17 by Trevor Willingham, Copywriter

Topics: Digital Marketing, Brand Building, Content Strategy

When you start blogging, you probably have all these great ideas swimming around your head and it may seem like theres no limit to your creativity. However, after some time passes you may come to a disheartening realization: Fresh ideas don’t always come easy.


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