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Reaching and influencing a healthcare consumer is more complex than ever.

You need a partner who gets it.

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The nation’s leading healthcare brands use True North Custom.
“True North has been my trusted partner for nearly 20 years at 2 different hospitals. They are a valuable part of my marketing strategy.

Laura Shea

Texas Health

The customer service at True North has been phenomenal. Their responsiveness is among the best I’ve seen. Definitely 5/5 stars!”

Stacy Covitz

Methodist Health System

There is always a quick response, thoughtful strategy, detailed plan mapping and overall friendliness.”

Courtney Clarke

The GW University Hospital

Reach the right consumer with a compelling message and report on the results. Compliantly.

It's no small order, but we're built to help you thrive in the new compliance landscape.

Drive brand and revenue growth through our deep understanding of the healthcare consumer, fused with full funnel, cross-channel marketing tactics.

Client success

We use our expertise in marketing and storytelling to deliver growth, possibility and well-being to our healthcare clients and the communities they serve.

Your success is very important to us.

Summa Health was looking for a search engine marketing partner who didn't feel transactional, provided solid strategy support and delivered results on deadline.

With True North, they experienced 3X more booked appointments with 1,000 fewer clicks. Same budget, better results through our understanding of the healthcare consumer.

University of Maryland Medical System was looking for a partner who could move the needle on brand awareness in seven distinct markets.

Through a print-to-digital CTA strategy the blog saw 125,000 new users, up 264% with a 3,500% increase in organic sessions.

Rest assured, we’ve got your back.

60+ marketing strategists (and growing) with one focus—healthcare marketing.

Genuine stewardship of your time and budget

Proactive and innovative problem-solving

HIPAA compliance in digital advertising

Execution that drives clear outcomes

Practical POV on leveraging AI tools

For over 30 years, we’ve delivered growth, possibility and well-being for our healthcare clients and the communities they serve.

It’s all about the mission for us, too.

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How did you find your doctor? A must-read for marketers.

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