5 Best Practices for Marketing to Physicians

by Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer - 09/29/16


We're often asked about the most effective ways to engage doctors. This list is designed to help set your content apart from the emails, calls, faxes, and other messages vying for physicians' attention.

Whether your goals involve recruiting, referral development, or physician relations, follow these best practices for connecting with one of the most sought-after—and fiercely hard to reach—healthcare audiences.

Email is the preferred means of initial communication.

According to a 2016 HealthLink Dimensions survey of more than 700 physicians. This is followed by interactions via in-person visits and direct mail. Only 3 percent of surveyed physicians have used social media for business communications. 

Content should be educational.

According to the HealthLink Dimensions survey, “medical professionals prefer marketers to act as information partners.” This can include content about innovative techniques and technology, continuing medical education opportunities, and other topics that offer value and help them manage/grow their practices and careers.

Content must be mobile-friendly. 

As physicians are constantly checking their smartphones—with eight in 10 doctors using apps every day.

Speak their language.

When marketing to doctors, it is critically important to understand their clinical or academic focus and target them use the terminology that matches their specific discipline. "Context is king," according to this MediaPost article that offers cardiology as an example. When working to engage cardiologists, segment the audience by specific practice areas like electrophysiology or interventional cardiology and plan content accordingly. 

Always think, “What’s in it for them?”

Make sure your outreach includes a compelling call to action, which could include downloading a free white paper, signing up for a relevant e-newsletter, or other incentives that align with their professional or personal interests.

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