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Synchronized paid ads and landing pages

Summa Health was looking for a search engine marketing partner who didn’t feel transactional, provided solid strategy support and delivered results on deadline.
Our HIPAA-compliant solution drives appointment request calls through custom strategy, paid search, landing pages, monthly dashboard reviews and campaign optimizations.
We found success through avoidance of broad-match targeting strategies and extreme caution in brand and competitor bids. Our team of digital experts, copywriters and editors write ad copy and landing pages optimized for conversion and update both proactively.
Summa Health experienced 3X more booked appointments with 1,000 fewer clicks. Same budget, better results through our understanding of the healthcare consumer.
Mammography Calls
Urogynecology Calls
Pulmonary Calls
Urology Calls
Maternity Calls
Cancer Calls
Unique Location Calls

New patient volume lift

Baptist Cancer Center wanted to grow cancer screening volume across a variety of modalities.
Our solution drove screening volumes through custom strategy, paid search,  social media, landing pages, email nurturing, monthly dashboard review and campaign optimizations.
Each screening campaign got the attention and nuance needed to drive results. Strategies for mammograms do not work for colonoscopy, but brand tone and creative were harmonized and optimized as results came in.

Mammogram: 6.8% ad click-thru-rate, 36% landing page conversion rate, $16 cost per lead

Low-dose CT: 17% ad CTR, 3.2% landing CVR, $60 CPL

Colonoscopy: 5.4% ad CTR, 6.1% landing CVR, $67 CPL

Colonoscopy Screenings
Low dose CT Screenings
Mammogram Screenings

We actively manage your success

Top reasons why our clients have given us a 90%+ client satisfaction score:

We’re a strategic marketing partner, not a transactional vendor.

We excel at clear communication and offer exceptional client service.

We pay attention to details, follow through and meet deadlines.

We proactively provide ideas on campaign strategy and campaign improvements.

Horizontal print and digital content success

University of Maryland Medical System partnered to activate a print and digital content strategy that spans seven print publications as well as a blog and social channels.
Through a print-to-digital CTA strategy, the blog saw:

125,000 new users, up 264%

3,500% increase in organic traffic

Brand Awareness
Organic Blog Traffic

Defensible healthcare marketing results

Beaufort Memorial, a regional health system with a small marketing team, was looking for an integrated partner to guide execute their entire brand and lead-generation strategy.
We drive brand awareness and appointments through an integrated full funnel strategy including top-of-funnel brand, blogs, landing pages, webpages, downloadable guide/email nurture, paid search, monthly dashboard reviews and optimizations.
Through optimization, we discovered that downloadable guides performed better than seminars, and we activated a comprehensive mid-funnel downloadable strategy that resulted in:

8.2% landing page conversion rate for guides

$9.63 cost per lead from bottom-of-funnel conversions with email tactics

Market Specific Brand Awareness
New Mover Primary Care Appointments
HR Recruitment Goals
Cancer Appointments
Orthopedic Appointments
Cardiac Appointments
Maternity Appointments

Your launch meeting is just the beginning.

Clients get weekly or monthly check-ins to review performance on custom-built dashboard analytics, where we also proactively discuss optimizations and experiments.

Grow patient volumes across 35 outpatient locations

American Health Imaging was interested in moving towards a more strategic approach to reaching consumers through marketing campaigns.
Success was reached through careful messaging strategies in each ad, landing page, direct mail, downloadable, email and on the website. Our partnership resulted in:

6.83% click-through-rate (2% industry average)

22.2% conversion rate (1.81% industry average)

We also educated consumers on their choice in imaging care through strong SEO messaging strategies. Organic sessions grew 38.5% year over year.
Combined, our work delivers a $18.22 CPL beating the $78 industry average by 4X.
“You are hands down the best team to expand our markets and drive demand.”
Melissa Weston
VP of Marketing at US Radiology Specialists
Breast MRI Appointments
General Imaging Appointments
Open MRI Appointments

Healthcare website content strategy

UK HealthCare understood that virtually every potential patient will visit their website and begin forming opinions of their brand. They wanted a content partner who both understood the patient journey and could create helpful content to meet consumer needs.
We partnered in a comprehensive website content overhaul, following our standard audit and research approach, and included SME interviews, copywriting, editing and fact-checking.
The digestive health service line, in particular, posed a major challenge, and opportunity for our teams to tackle, and the results are impressive:

176% increase in organic traffic year over year

87% increase in organic impressions

46.5% increase in new organic keywords

Investment in an effective website content strategy ensures every other marketing channel has relevant and actionable information to support consumers on their healthcare journey.
Healthcare Website Content

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