Amanda Todorovich
Executive Director of Digital Marketing
Cleveland Clinic
Andrew King
Marketing Director
True North Custom

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Healthcare Marketing Growth Trends for 2022

WE ASKED 50 healthcare marketers working in hospitals and health systems across the country the following question: Where do you see the most opportunity for improvement or growth moving into 2022?

While a range of initiatives garners interest from healthcare marketers, a few lead the pack. Over 50% of respondents sided with the age-old adage “content is king” and selected content as a primary focus to maximize growth moving into 2022. Following closely behind in order of popularity, adopting and becoming skilled in digital marketing tools was the next most common selection.

Ask the Expert

Amanda Todorovich leads a content team of more than 80 at the Cleveland Clinic. She explains why content tops the list of biggest growth opportunities.

“The pandemic has put a huge spotlight on content. We’ve seen people use our services and engage with us in ways we’ve never seen before. Marketers are just seeing the opportunity we have when we provide people access to our experts from the comfort of their own homes.

People start to approach care differently. What type of care do you need, if at all? Is there something you can do at home to prevent it? Those kinds of questions can be answered in such a helpful, credible way with content, and it presents us as providers in a different light.

It’s not just about coming to us physically to see our physicians—it’s that we’re here for you. We’re here to help you take care of yourself, take care of your family, make decisions in moments of need.

I don’t think any other tactic or tool does that better than content.

We’ve hired more than 40 people this year in addition to the existing staff I had at the start of the year. In 2020, we ended the year with 256 million visits to, and we’ll end 2021 with more than 400 million visits. Whether your team includes 50 people or five, it’s all about creating credible content that highlights your expertise and helps people as they make healthcare decisions.”


Our insights on integrated healthcare marketing strategy.

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