Digital Advertising & Campaign Strategy

Elevate patient revenue with our lead generation strategies designed to seamlessly move consumers from awareness to action.

At True North Custom, we’re not just about showing up—we're about standing out.

Our approach helps set up healthcare organizations for success:

Engaging creative and messaging that has a meaningful impact on target audiences

Targeted paid media plans that integrate paid search, social media, streaming and programmatic buys to meet consumers where they are

Sophisticated reporting and optimization that enhances collaboration, delivers high-value leads and produces a meaningful revenue impact.

Diverse Platforms,
Unified Messaging

Designing an effective digital marketing campaign requires a combination of creativity and practical skills. It involves generating engaging content that resonates with your target audience’s digital behavior and delivering it at the right time to meet their specific needs.

Say someone is experiencing persistent knee pain—they may come across an ad for a seminar on social media that helps them find relief.

Similarly, if a woman is expecting her first child and looking for a hospital to deliver her baby, she may find relevant website content about a local birthing center.

Or perhaps a family is new to an area and looking for family medicine services to care for a child with a chronic condition.

Tailored for Every Touchpoint

Awareness: Use brand and engagement-focused channels such as display and streaming platform ads as well as blog content to build strong relationships with your target audience and highlight your organization’s expertise. 

Education: Providing long-form content and other resources to help people navigate complex healthcare concerns or high-level worries about their health risks.

Conversion: Make it easy for consumers to access care by ensuring your website appears in search results and provides clear calls-to-action for primary care, urgent or emergent care, or specialty care services.

A Significant Milestone: Becoming a Google Premier Partner

Working with a Google Premier Partner is crucial for organizations that want to make the most of their advertising budget. True North Custom has been recognized as a Google Premier Partner, an elite status awarded to only the top 3% of Google Partners, highlighting our high proficiency in managing Google Ads campaigns, especially in the specialized field of healthcare marketing.

This achievement demonstrates an exceptional ability to deliver targeted and effective campaigns that comply with healthcare regulations. As a Premier Partner, our clients benefit from exclusive access to Google resources, beta testing opportunities, dedicated Google support and specialized training.

Integrated, Full-Service Solutions

To ensure your marketing strategy is comprehensive and effective, we provide a suite of services tailored to meet the unique demands of your business:

  • A fully HIPAA-compliant solution based on the latest HHS OCR updates
  • Content creation and execution
  • Call tracking management and storage
  • Collaboration with existing marketing and technical vendors
  • Creative development, design and hosting of campaign assets, ranging from landing pages and nurturing emails to quizzes and downloadable guides
  • In-house media placement and coordination
  • Management of dashboard analytics for real-time access to performance insights
  • Production of creative plans, TV spots and associated traditional media
  • Regular campaign review and analysis from your account leadership
  • Strategic planning to build campaigns to support your business needs and market realities

Multi-Channel Campaigns that Convert

Our healthcare marketing expertise goes beyond connections. By forging impactful relationships, we guide consumers to the right services at the right time through the right channels. Effective campaigns are built on trust, transparency, stewardship and strategic insight, driving significant results. Committed to improving community health, we focus on making essential services accessible and ensuring they are well-communicated.

In the digital age, possessing specialized knowledge in digital marketing is crucial. Partnering with us amplifies your marketing efforts and supports the broader objective of enhancing community health. Together, let's create campaigns that deeply resonate and make a tangible difference.

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Digital Advertising

Build awareness and action through ad placement on websites your target consumer uses. Including social platforms and audio/video streaming.

Content Marketing and SEO

Full-service healthcare content marketing that balances creativity, brand and performance objectives.

Direct Mail and New Movers

Print strategies to connect consumers to new providers and locations, invite community members to in-person events or encourage screenings.

Brand Strategy and Creative

We blend analytical insight with creative flair to develop compelling creative that resonates with healthcare audiences.

Asset Development

From landing pages and emails to quizzes, downloadable guides, infographics, videos, audio spots and more.

Print Publishing

Our fully custom print publications are designed to engage with healthcare consumers in a way specifically tailored to their demographic needs.


Our insights on integrated healthcare marketing strategy.

Creator Hub

Supercharge your healthcare video content production.


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